An Abergavenny petrol station has been inundated with customers after slashing their fuel prices in a bid to repay local customers struggling with the rising cost of living.

Baileys Garage, located on the A40 Brecon Road, is a family-run garage that has been operating in Abergavenny for over 50 years.

Last week garage owner Ian Bailey opted to reduce his petrol prices, charging 169 pence per litre of unleaded – almost 20p cheaper than the national average and other local petrol stations in the area.

This comes as many people have voiced concerns about struggling financially due to rising fuel prices along with the cost-of-living crisis.

Since first dropping his fuel price last week, Ian has reduced the price per litre even further to 167.9p. He now has tankers providing fuel arriving twice on a daily basis to maintain customers’ demand.

According to the RAC, the current average price for unleaded is around 187p.

Baileys garage owner Ian Bailey told the Chronicle that he had decided to reduce fuel prices to help support local customers who may be struggling financially and to repay the local community for their support over their last half a century of trading within Abergavenny.

Ian said: “Of late we have had a drop in the wholesale price of petrol, so as retailers we only thought it fair to pass on this reduction in price to customers during what are difficult times financially for many people.”

With the garage offering some of the cheapest fuel for miles, drivers have flocked to the petrol station on Brecon Road bringing long queues which have upset some local people who have complained of traffic issues.

Ian added: “We have been very busy the last few days, and yes there have been long queues forming on the road outside which have upset some people.

“However those same people who have moaned about the queues blocking the road, were moaning when our fuel price was more expensive so you can’t please everybody.

“We have also had some very positive comments from customers who have spoken of how grateful they are that we have reduced our prices. To be honest I am surprised that other garages are not doing the same.”

Ian’s decision to reduce prices comes at a time when many motorists have been protesting over rising fuel prices, with some threatening to cause disruption on busy roads.

Over the last few months police forces across the UK have warned motorists of planned slow-moving roadblocks on parts the M4, M5, M32, and A38.