As the UK marks National Pothole Day, cyclists are being warned about the worsening condition of roads across the UK – with data showing 21 per cent of cyclists are involved in an accident because of a pothole.

Experts from leading bicycle insurance comparison site warn that this figure will only increase unless the government tackles the worsening condition of UK roads.

With a long winter of bad weather ahead, cyclists will run an increased risk of accident and injury by riding over potholes if UK roads are not properly maintained.

Damaged road surfaces represent a disproportionate risk to cyclists due to the lack of protection and the proximity of motor vehicles.

Spending on road maintenance has almost halved since the financial crisis just over a decade ago, and the recent cost-of-living crisis has pushed potholes further down the priority list for governments and local councils.

Even temporary pothole fixes - which involve filling the hole with a form of asphalt treatment - have decreased by almost half in some counties.

There are also claims from members of the public that councils are not properly inspecting potholes that have been reported online.

Several county councils have admitted that filling in potholes is no longer a priority as a result of the rising cost of living, with less funding for UK highways.

With the Met Office issuing weather warnings for the coming weeks, the number of potholes on UK roads is set to increase.

A combination of bad weather and lack of funding has left the UK network at crisis point with experts predicting the pothole problem may soon get out of hand. are calling for councils and the government to urgently act on what is a UK-wide problem for the benefit of all road users but particularly cyclists as they are the most affected by damaged road surfaces.

Lee Evans , bicycle insurance comparison expert at said: “Many of us who cycle in the UK have been shocked at the growing danger caused by roads strewn with potholes, and unfortunately the problem does not seem to be going away.

“21% of cyclists experiencing pothole-related accidents is a worrying number because any accident for a cyclist, can be very serious.

“With a winter of extreme weather predicted in the coming weeks and with spending on road maintenance on the decline, we could expect to see an increase in pothole-related cycling injuries. We’d encourage local authorities and the government to act now on fixing the UK’s pothole problem to help keep cyclists and all other road users safe.” helps thousands of road users each year find savings on everyday household bills and essentials plus niche items such as cycling insurance, bicycle insurance, and road bike insurance.