Garden compost is great for growing your own fruit and vegetables which taste better and can save money... that’s the message for International Composting Awareness Week (May 7th-13th).

To get you started, Monmouthshire County Council’s Reuse shops are now selling compost, compost bins, water butts, garden tools and pots - all at affordable prices.

Residents are welcome to visit the Reuse Shops at Llanfoist recycling centre on a Tuesday (NP7 9AQ) or at Five Lanes recycling centre on a Wednesday and Thursday (NP26 5PD between 10am – 3pm.

Monmouthshire residents that have their garden waste collected by the Council may not know, but it’s is turned into lovely rich compost/soil conditioner by Abergavenny Green Waste Company. The compost is then put on sale at the Reuse shops at the recycling centres at Llanfoist and Five Lanes for as little as £3 per bag or box – all profits then go towards tree planting in the county.

 By contributing to this, or by using your own or locally made compost can also reduce the need for fertilizer and harmful pesticides as well as helping to conserve water and store carbon in the soil.

 Cabinet Member for Climate and Environment Catrin Maby said: “Garden waste and the compost it produces really does make a positive impact to our work on the climate emergency. The compost it produces goes back into the gardens of the residents who then buy it from the Reuse shops, the profits of which go towards tree planting in the county.

 “To support this, it’s so important for all of us to make sure that no plastic bags, polystyrene or plastic plant labels are left in the garden waste we put out for collection, or in the green waste skips at the household recycling centres. This way we can ensure that the locally made compost remains high quality and all our valuable organic matter can be returned back to the soil in Monmouthshire which of course is great for our gardens and for us!” 

Reuse Shops at Llanfoist recycling centre (NP7 9AQ) and at Five Lanes recycling centre (NP26 5PD) are open between 10am – 3pm. No booking required.