There has been a warm welcome to news that Llantilio Pertholey Community Hall car park is to be opened at school drop off and collection times, having been kept closed by previous council administrations in the past.

During a recent meeting of the Llantilio Pertholey Community Council, various partners were present from Monmouthshire County Council, Ysgol Y Fenni and the public

The meeting heard contributions from all parties present as part of the debate over a proposal that the car park should be opened at busy school times to give the public greater access to the area, allowing residents can get to school on time but without heavily restricting access for community hall functions.

This has been given much discussion time at community council meetings in the past with some strongly opposed.

It seemed a marathon task reaching an agreement and community council chair Michael Hayward commented, “It took time to consider all the issues and concerns of the community and the councilors, so we could put in place safety measures and policies agreed in meetings with Gwent Police, Ysgol Y Fenni, community councilors, the insurance company, parents and children.

“My thanks must also go to county councillor Su McConnel and Councillor Clive Harrhy who were instrumental in assisting me in these endeavours. The decision to reopen the car park was welcomed by so many. Although this is a trial period for three months, I am confident going forward that it should stay in place.”

Councillor Su McConnel added, “I congratulate the community council for this resolution.

“Councillor Michael Hayward in particular must be commended for his hard work towards this. Congestion and pavement parking has been a concern for some time and this is of benefit to all.”

Ysgol Y Fenni and parents share the benefits this decision will bring and head teacher Sarah Oliver said: “The school staff, parents and governors are very glad that the community council has been able to agree to this provision.

“With 13 buses visiting the school site twice a day and hundreds of children being dropped off and collected by parents, this car park means we have a much safer situation.

“We are grateful to the chair and the community council for their sensible and supportive approach to the wellbeing of all our children and staff.”