Two Londis stores are among four places in Monmouthshire that could be closed after failing to abide by coronavirus regulations.

Londis stores in Abergavenny and Gilwern, Goldwire Store in Monmouth and Kotch Kebab in Abergavenny have all been handed improvement notices for failing to follow Welsh Government coronavirus rules.

The Londis on Rother Avenue in Abergavenny and one on Maid Road in Gilwern were each handed an improvement notice on January 29 after an enforcement officer found that the stores had no coronavirus risk assessment.

The stores were also found to have no signage at the entrance for social distancing, no maximum capacity signage and no social distancing requirements.

Kotch Kebab on Cross Street was also handed an improvement notice on January 29.

The enforcement officer found that there was no signage for social distancing or face coverings, too many customers were seen inside the premises not social distancing correctly and no face coverings were worn by staff who were working within one metre of customers.

Goldwire Stores on Goldwire Lane was handed an improvement notice this morning (February 1). The officer found there was no hand sanitiser for customers to use, no signage for social distancing in the store or at the entrance and no signage for face masks to be worn.

Those inspected on January 29 have until February 5 to make the necessary changes, while Goldwire Stores has until February 8.

A second inspection will take place after time has been given to implement changes, at which point either the improvement notice is dropped, or further action is necessary.

Monmouthshire council has the option to issue a closure notice if the venue fails to comply with rules after being issued with an improvement notice.