JUST like AJ Winstone, (Postbag September 25), I am an Abergavenny girl now living in Kent due to my husband's work. Returning frequently to visit my mother who still lives in Abergavenny is always a great pleasure and I also thought the Food Festival a superb experience that just gets better and better.

The town does need some TLC but still retains a simple and unique charm that is appreciated by those of us who visit from time to time. If I lived permanently in Abergavenny would my opinion be different? That is difficulty to gauge.

Ashford, Kent where I now live was once a charming market town but now looks just like any other town in the UK. In fact, the local newspaper version of Postbag contains many letters from older members of the community who rebuke the local council for turning their town centre into a ghost town as all the main stores are now situated out of the town.

Change that is necessary should always be welcomed, yet it appears that some people will never accept that just as A J Winstone suggested.

However, some things in Abergavenny do not change, notably the same band of letter writers who continue to proclaim the same old arguments in the pages of the Chronicle which I read most weeks, especially now that it appears on the internet.

James Charles' cliche ridden letter about the quality of debate may have ruffled a few feathers, but he was actually correct about the nature of the persistent letter writers who will never change their stance, even though they remind others to have open minds.

Such is life and without Postbag the Chronicle would be poorer. However, none of us should ever be without a bit of humour and that there is always room for inaccuracy in our own convictions.