FOR years, an area of Abergavenny's  Linda Vista Gardens has been flooded when it rains, with the path across muddy and slippery afterwards.

To turn a problem into a delight, the Friends of Linda Vista Gardens secured a grant from Tidy Towns to create a boardwalk and make the area into a bog garden—or more accurately,  a garden for moisture-loving plants.

A boardwalk is a raised wooden walkway with railings, so you can enjoy the plants without getting your feet wet and muddy! It is wide enough for mobility buggies and push-chairs.

Earlier this month, the boardwalk was officially opened by Deserie Mansfield Tidy Towns: Tidy Local Communities Coordinator,  who provided the grant. Tim Bradfield, Recreation Officer for MCC, and Nigel Leaworthy, Operations Director of the MCC  Landscape Unit were also present, together with Nigel's team who actually constructed the boardwalk. 

The Friends have now planted the moisture-loving garden, including a Rheum (like a giant rhubarb) and a Royal fern, which will become striking specimens in time, and a range of shrubs and perennials to complement them. Do go and look at them and walk on the new boardwalk. The gardens are particularly lovely at the moment, as the fresh young leaves open on the many and unusual trees and the birds try to deafen you with their singing. 

There are other exciting projects in the pipeline; for more information on these, or to become a Friend of the gardens, contact Oliver Barton, 01873 737671.