In the wake of Brexit many naysayers and malcontents disposed to casting forecasts of a somewhat gloomy disposition, have predicted it’s all over for Britain outside of the EU.

The pessimistic collective have preached that roads won’t be built, houses will not get made, the NHS will die a death, workers’ rights will go down the toilet and bridges everywhere will be burnt as the UK becomes an island of splendid isolation.

Yet someone forgot to tell Monmouthshire County Council. While large swathes of the population were lamenting the result of last week’s referendum, MCC were busy rolling up their sleeves, applying a little bit of elbow grease and doing what they do best - fixing things!

The popular Abergavenny bridge which leads from Ross Road over the River Gavenny to Pen-y-Fal has now been made safe for use once again thanks to MCC.

Nicknamed the ‘death-trap’ footbridge after it was damaged earlier this month by mindless yobs, who either kicked or pulled off most of the wooden uprights supporting the handrail, the bridge remained unfit for purpose for a number of weeks, but now metal mesh panels have been installed and people from one side of Abergavenny can now cross to the other without hinderance or fear.

As one happy bridge user said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”