LOCAL viewers who tune into BBC1 at 7 pm tomorrow will be all shook up by a very familiar face appearing on the One Show.

Abergavenny Electrics owner Keith Davies will be gracing the Beeb with his presence, but he’s not there to rewire the electrics at Broadcasting House. The Aber sparky is there as a very special guest for a very special reason.

But what in creation could it possibly be? We hear you blue suede show-wearing hound dogs howl from way down in the ghetto!

Well, it has something to do with a man born in Tupelo, Mississippi who went by the name of Elvis!

As a lot of you are probably aware, Keith has spent the last two decades honouring his idol by entertaining the masses as an Elvis Presley tribute act. He’s also raised half a million pounds for charity in the process.

The Chronicle cannot give too much away ahead of the One Show being broadcast but let’s just say you won’t be lonesome if you switch on because Gino D’Acampo is also involved! Here’s another clue - every King needs his palace!

So let’s all help give an Abergavenny man and tireless fundraiser the biggest audience of his life to date, by tuning in and turning up for tomorrow’s One Show.

And once the show is over you can look forward to the dramatic cut and thrust of EastEnders, but also an in-depth interview with Keith in next week’s Chronicle where he discusses the reasons why he felt inspired to walk a mile or 20 years in Elvis's shoes and the amazing places it has led him!

The Abergavenny Elvis
(When he's not busy being Elvis, Keith likes nothing better than reading the Chronicle! Tindle News)