The committee at Abergavenny Town Football Club say they are disappointed by the lack of support from local businesses during their battle to keep the club open. 

While battling financial issues, committee members decided to go into businesses in Abergavenny and ask if they would advertise on a board around their pitch but one member, Mark Hefferman, branded his efforts "relatively unsuccessful"

Mark said: “I’ve been asking businesses to buy advertising but they just don’t want to. 

“None of the bigger businesses will even hear me out.

“In all fairness, you go into the smaller or the newer businesses in town and they have been more willing to help us out.

“The businesses who are doing well and have been established for 30 plus years won’t even give me the opportunity to pitch the advertising to them. 

“You would think they would want to give back to the community that is keeping them running.

“Your making money out of the town but you’re not prepared to give anything back!”

A board around the pitch is priced at £200 for the first year followed by an annual payment of £100. There is also an opportunity to sponsor a football kit for £1000.

Mark explained how important it is to keep the club open for the community. He said: “It’s not just our football teams that use the club, theres multiple different organisations that use it free of charge. 

“We as the committee can’t afford to keep picking up the cost ourselves.

“We would hate for them to not have a place to come but if we end up having to walk away, the facilities won’t be available for anyone.”

Contact Mark via email: [email protected] to advertise.