Embarking on a memorable self-funded expedition, Abergavenny's Mayor Anne Wilde and her husband Cllr Gareth Wilde, ventured to the twinned town of Beaupreau, France.

Their journey unfolded as a celebration of cultural exchange and the promise of exciting collaborations.

Central to the visit was the vibrant "Petite Angevine" festival, which brought an enticing fusion of agricultural wonders, a lively funfair, and tantalising array of foods.

However, a particular highlight of the event for the couple, was the expansive tent hosted by the twinning committee.

Music poured through the tent, as various bands took the stage, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Notably, the tent featured an exclusive offering - beer imported from Beaupreau’ s German twin town, fostering unity and shared experiences.

The visit reached a pinnacle with an engaging participation in a world record attempt - the Abergavenny delegation proudly stood in the longest queue, etching their names into the record books.

In significant encounter, the Abergavenny delegation had the privilege of meeting Beaupreau’ s Mayor.

Discussions revolved around a visionary proposal - the "Europiad" sports competition.

This inclusive event is set to unite the vigour and potential of young individuals from both Abergavenny and Beaupreau next Easter.

As the Abergavenny Mayor returns home, she carries cherished memories and a wealth of prospects that could deepen the bond between these twinned towns.

This journey to Beaupreau echoes the essence of town twinning, bridging distances through cultural curiosity and transcending borders through collaboration.

As this chapter comes to a close, the stage is set for future endeavours that could further enrich the connection between Abergavenny and Beaupreau, leaving a legacy of friendship and shared aspirations for generations to come.