Lots of people flocked to Linda Vista Gardens on Sunday, to see the unveiling of three yarn bombed trees and a storyteller seat, in aid of Zimele UK.

Zimele UK is an organisation which fundraisers for and supports women in South Africa, to give them the skills, resources and support networks to start businesses and social service projects to sustain themselves, their families and their communities.

In order to raise money for Zimele, as well as helping to boost its profile, Rebecca Hands, a Zimele UK Trustee, decided to yarn bomb some trees in Linda Vista Park with squares knitted by both local people as well as those from the community of Swayimane.

Three trees were dressed with the knitted squares, one community knit tree, one tree for people to make dedications to loved ones, and a business tree for those who have supported the group in the work it has done. They also yarn bombed a tree stump chair, creating a storytelling chair for children to enjoy, which was christened of the day with a delightful story from Julie Long.

Helpers arrived at Linda Vista Gardens at the crack of dawn to secretly dress the trees in the intricate squares that were knitted for the charity, and at 11am, people from the town arrived to see the fine work that was pulled off by the group.

The unveiling was assisted by a performance from the Tenovus Choir, who gave up their time to add some extra cheer to the colourful morning.

Rebecca Hands, Zimele UK Trustee, said, "It would be impossible to express thanks to every person who deserves it, as we have had so much support from so many people. Everyone who has done all of the stitching, all who have helped us fundraise, all businesses who have got involved, all of the people in South Africa who put in the time to create some of these beautiful squares, and so many more people.

"I especially want to thank Cath Barton, Emmeline, Sheila Woodhouse and Genevra Croft, as without them, today would never have been such a success."

Abergavenny Mayor, Councillor Sheila Woodhouse added, "When I first heard about the project, I couldn't have imagined what it would look like. When I first walked into the gardens it was a delight to see, and I applaud everyone involved for all of their hard work for such a good cause. This will also have a good effect on Linda Vista Gardens, making more people aware of what beautiful gardens we have in the town."

The group intends to keep the trees covered with the knitted squares for as long as possible, in the hope that it will encourage people to head down to the gardens, and learn more about the work that Zimele do.

So go and see it for yourself at Linda Vista Gardens, and for more information about Zimele, visit zimele.org.uk