Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum is celebrating the launch of an updated guide to Fairtrade in the town.

The group got together at Cwtch Cafe in Cross Street, along with Councillor Martin Hickman, to launch the booklet which lists all the outlets that use or supply Fairtrade products. Councillor Hickman is the town council representative for the Fairtrade group.

Many of the town’s cafe’s are serving top quality Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate. These include Cwtch Cafe, the Borough Theatre coffee bar, Coffee #1, The Court Cupboard Gallery, Gillybeans, The Tithe Barn and Victoria Tea Rooms.

Also included are many local shops and businesses, such as Country Fare, Cuddle and Cwtch, Fable Toys, The Wool Croft, the WRVS shop in Nevill Hall Hospital, Zimele UK craft, Sugarloaf Catering and Love Zimbabwe crafts.

There is good representation from local schools, churches, bed and breakfasts, play groups, workplaces, churches and community organisations. The leaflet is available to pick up from any of these outlets.

There are currently 1,201 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in 74 countries providing more than 4,500 different Fairtrade products. These include bananas (all bananas in Waitrose are Fairtrade), chocolates, gold, coffee, tea, sugar, flowers, cotton and wine! Most of the products are those that cannot be produced in the UK.

“There’s a myth that Fairtrade products are all more expensive than other goods,” said David Holman, town council representative for the Forum.

“A quick survey will find that this is not always true. Many supermarket ‘own brand’ Fairtrade teas and coffees are the same price, if not cheaper, than the more promoted brands.”

The Fairtrade Foundation has also formed strong links with farmers’ unions within the UK, and both believe in buying local and Fairtrade products in preference to mass-produced items.

The Forum is also celebrating its Fairtrade town renewal, and next year will be the 10th anniversary of its formation.

The future for Fairtrade in Abergavenny looks bright, and the group is always looking for new members to join up and help promote Fairtrade activities in the area.

If you’re interested please contact Martha Musonza Holman on - [email protected] or 07879400897.