Talybont-on-Usk will be hosting a meeting to learn about its exciting new residents.

Last year a pair of ospreys, a rare fish-eating eagle, built a nest in the valley close to the village. They are due to return in the spring and the news of their presence in the area has created huge interest. It is the first time that ospreys have chosen to nest so far south in Wales.

The meeting will take place in the Henderson Hall, Talybont-on-Usk at 7pm on Friday, March 8.

Guest speakers will be Dr Tim Mackrill, an internationally recognised ornithologist and osprey expert and Gwenan Williams, trustee of ‘Glaslyn Wildlife’, a community driven osprey project in North Wales.

The aims of the meeting are to learn more about these rare and exciting birds, where to see them and hear how the Welsh Government is making sure they will not be disturbed.

Andrew King, Brecknock Bird recorder and member of the group said: “Amongst other things we will learn about their amazing migration, their loyalty to a nest site and how the community can be involved”

Tickets are free for this event but must be booked online at: https://ospreys.eventbrite.co.uk