Abuse hurled at community speedwatch volunteers

By Staff reporter in Community News

Volunteers giving their time to slow down the speed of traffic in Abergavenny received verbal abuse from irate drivers, last week.

Members of the group said were sworn at, and subjected to rude gestures from motorists, as they carried out speed checks in the town last Wednesday, in a bid to encourage drivers to keep to the 30mph limit.

Working with local PCSO Amanda Yung, the group uses calibrated speed guns to measure drivers’ speed. Those travelling over 35 mph are sent a warning letter if they are found to break the limit more than once.

Sadly members say that abuse is common and last week’s incident, in which two drivers not only shouted abuse and swore at volunteers but also hit the kerb with their vehicles while doing so, is far from an isolated one.

PCSO Yung said she was disappointed, as the scheme is about educating, rather than punishing speeding drivers.

“Unlike traditional speed cameras, which don’t discriminate no matter how fast somebody is driving, this scheme gives two warnings before the driver receives a letter in the post. It’s disappointing to hear this,” she said.

On one occasion last month, the group caught over 80 motorists driving at over 35 mph, in just two hours.

Writing on social media last week PCSO Yung warned that police took any sort of abuse aimed at volunteers extremely seriously, adding that reported incidents could result in prosecution under the Public Order Act

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