Picture perfect!

By Tim Butters in Football

When Abergavenny Town Girls and Ladies played happy host to the South Wales and Women’s League end of season football blast, there were a lot of players present.

Too many you might think for one photographer to capture on film. Not however if the photographer in question was Chronicle lensman Tim Evans.

The veteran snapper is used to clicking away in front of hordes of people at the big events and the occasional wedding, but taking a pic of the hundreds of youngsters who gathered at the Abergavenny Leisure Centre Fields on Sunday was a big ask. Even for a dude with thousands of pounds worth of telescopic lens.

Yet as the old adage goes, measure the medicine to the man and not the man to the medicine.

Barking orders like a Sergeant Major confronted with an undisciplined rabble, Tim orchestrated all the players into teams, and all the teams into one multicoloured collective and began snapping.

The results as they say, speak for themselves.

We’re not sure, but this picture might just be the most people ever captured in any one Chronicle photograph. Now just how much more bang do you want for your buck ladies and gents?

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