Abergavenny Rount Table's 'thoughtful and generous' gift for Aria

By Staff reporter in Charity

Aria Walmsley-Esteves, aged three years and five months, has a life-limiting condition called Pontocerebellar hypoplasia.

Initially, she was given between six weeks and 12 months to live but she continues to make slow progress with her life.

Pontocerebellar hypoplasia is a group of related conditions affecting the development of the parts of the brain that coordinate movement and all physical abilities including the means of communication.

The condition has a profound and massive effect on the person. As a result, Aria eats slowly and has a limited life expectancy. She is unlikely ever to walk, talk or look after herself. Her parents, Carla and Jack have devoted themselves to her care.

Despite all her problems Aria is a happy person; she can recognise people, she likes books, occasional cartoons, being taken for a walk.

Funds raised so far have contributed to her various physical therapies and specialist consultations to aid her ability to swallow and her general well-being.

The latest boost for her family is a cheque for £500 presented by Abergavenny Round Table from the proceeds of the annual fireworks display in Belgrave Park.

Aria’s grandfather Brian Walmsley Jennings is keen to thank the Round Table on the family’s behalf for ‘this very generous and thoughtful gift’.

Round Table treasurer Chris Copner said the organisation was ‘delighted to help local causes’.

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